5 Reasons to Update a Garage Door

 Old garage door

It is easy to get so used to the things we use every day of our lives, that we forget they might need upkeep or maintenance. Garage doors are a prime example of this, and even when they act a bit out of the ordinary (making noises or moving slower than normal), we might ignore it.

Can you set aside garage door maintenance for a long time without consequences or risks? Not really, and there are five major reasons anyone with a garage door will want to update it now.



The garage door, as we learned, is the biggest moving part of a home. It also takes up anywhere from 20 to 45% of the front of a home. If it is out of date, shabby and run down, or it just looks like it hasn’t been maintained, it greatly reduces the curb appeal and overall aesthetics of the property.



As the largest moving thing in any home, it is important that the door remain safe. This is true whether it is when you really need the door to function or even when you don’t intend to use it for a while. Maintenance and updates are the only way to ensure safety.

Since the average, nine-foot wide garage door weighs around 140 lb. (63.5 kg), while a 16-foot door weights in around 260 lb. (118 kg), it makes sense that you ensure you don’t have to hoist that weight without support by keeping the opener up to date. The door opening system can easily lift up to 350 lb. (159 kg), as well as push that same amount downward, and yet it also requires a photo-eye safety reversing system to uphold total safety. Again, this is why updates are important and valuable.

One area of great importance is the spring system. It is, in fact, so significant that we are going to give it a separate listing!


The Spring System

A garage door that is not well maintained is unsafe, and particularly where the spring system is concerned. Also known as the counterweight system, it is the apparatus that allows a garage door to be easily open and closed. Yet, the springs are not eternal, and whether you use an extension or torsion design, you should expect little more than five to seven years out of them. The spring system is what can make the door feel so light in total weight, balancing it and letting it feel like it weighs between 8 and 10 lb. (3.5 to 4.5 kg). If there is a problem with the spring system, it can make it impossible to easily open the door and even make the use of the door unsafe.

To check the system, pull on the emergency cord to disengage the door opener, and lift your door with just one hand. If you cannot do that, it is important to contact us immediately. Do not try to repair the problem yourself because the spring system is under very high tension. You could seriously injure yourself if you are not experienced in garage door repair.


Basic Issues

Often, a door becomes noisy or fails to function properly due to some basic maintenance and update issues. For instance, loose bolts and nuts on the hinges and the system that holds the tracks can be the cause. A professional update or repair can address this problem. Rollers are also a point of concern and you should see them rolling rather than sliding. They must be rounded, and if you notice any blunting or squaring, it is time to update. Additionally, if you see that they are about to come off the shaft that holds them, don’t delay, and have the needed updates done immediately.

Of course, if all is well with the system, it can be that the metal parts require lubrication. Garages are often damp and this causes rust. If parts are not worn out early by this, it can mean that proper lubrication of the springs, rollers, and tracks is required. This is best done by an expert.


A New Door and Opener May Be Needed

A final reason to consider if your door needs updating is this: Doors and openers that are even just a few decades old may not provide you with the performance needed. Openers, as an example, require an automatic reversal system to prevent them closing on a person, animal or vehicle in their path. If your system was installed or made before 1993 it is time to update for safety’s sake.

Of course, the advances in technology go beyond safety systems. Since 2014, LiftMaster’s MyQTM advanced technology has enabled those with updated gear to operate the doors from anywhere. Using a mobile phone app, the MyQ system gives remote control that ensures doors are closed and secured at all times.


Ask Experts

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