How to avoid bad garage door businesses

When choosing a garage door service provider, you should be aware of the tricks used by incompetent amateur companies to get your business. These companies will rely on unskilled or inexperienced technicians who will leave you disappointed.

Perhaps you have already had a bad experience with a garage door company, and this has made you distrustful of the whole industry.

Here are some tips that can help you recognize low quality companies, and spot the tricks that many use to gain your trust. If you can pick out these “bad apples,” then you will be able to find a trustworthy, professional company that will meet or exceed your expectations.

How do low-quality companies trick you?

Low-quality companies often operate in large cities or crowded areas where people have many different garage door service providers to choose from. They hope that they can stand out through advertising instead of by providing quality service and building a reputation.
They will run advertising campaigns in phone directories (both in print or online). They use full-page ads so that they seem like a big, successful company. They may also use more than one name so that people who have had a bad experience with them in the past will not know that they are actually the same company.
Some companies will claim that they cover many different cities. They do not mention that they use subcontractors who may work with many different companies.
The ads will use terms like “Number 1”  and then promise to provide “emergency service.”  They hope that you will want the repair done quickly and will not take the time to research the “Number 1” claims.
They may have photos of modern trucks and equipment, but the trucks that come to repair your door may not even have the company logo on them.

Be suspicious of….

  • 24-hour repair promises. These may be designed to get you to act quickly instead of researching. Often, emergency service comes with a higher price.
  • Technicians who have to leave the job site. Due to a lack of experience, some workers may need to come back two or more times to finish a repair job that could have been done quickly. Usually, this means they do not have the proper tools or parts because the company did not inform them about the details of the job.
  • Discounts that sound too good to be true or that have a time limit. These are designed to get you to hire the company without doing research first.
  • Non-branded vehicles. This usually means the company has hired a subcontractor, and they may not guarantee the quality of the work. They may not even know who the subcontractor is.
  • Companies that do not have a fixed address and a single point of contact. Reputable garage door companies will have an office or at least a warehouse.
  • Companies that try to upsell or convince you to get a whole new door instead of offering to repair the existing one.


How to investigate a potential garage door company

  • Ask for examples of past work. Reputable companies may have a list of past clients who you can contact to ask about their experiences.
  • Ask people from your family, office or circle of friends if they have had any experience with the company.
  • Visit the headquarters of the company if possible. All reputable garage door businesses will have a physical address with an office, showroom or warehouse. If you cannot visit yourself, look at the address on Google Street View.
  • Frequently, serious businesses will present you with two or even three alternatives to help you choose whether to repair your garage or purchase a new door.


Why choose us?

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