5 Top Reasons for Upgrading an Old Electric Garage Door Opener

There is a worn out saying that manufacturers “don’t make em like they used to”. This implies that a lot of the devices and machines we use today are not as good as older models, but when speaking about garage door openers, it is entirely false.
If you have an older model, one dating before the early 1990s, now’s the time to commit to upgrading it. Why? We have 5 very sound reasons for making this choice, and they look at safety, innovation and reliability.
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Top 10 Questions About Garage Door Openers

If you’ve ever had a question about a garage door opener, you’re in the right places. These are the 10 questions that we hear the most often from homeowners preparing to purchase a garage door opener. While there are many other questions that you may have, these 10 are the most frequently requested bits of information that we can share with you in easy question and answer format today.
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Garage door openers: The basics

In 2017, it’s rare to come across a garage owner who doesn’t use an electric garage door opener. I mean, come on, they make our lives so much easier! We don’t even have to get out in the rain/snow to open the garage door… They’re a great invention.
Now, while they are very durable, you may have to change parts or replace your garage door opener at some point. So, here’s a useful article to help you find your feet when speaking with a garage door specialist.
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Garage door opener problems? Here are our solutions

Here at Elite Door of New England, we know how useful your garage can be. You can use it to store all of your recreational items like bikes, canoes and kayaks. You can stow boxes full of Christmas and Halloween decorations until you need them. It’s also a place to safely park your car and for some, to set up your workshop. For all these reasons, your garage should be well protected. If it isn’t, these items could be stolen by intruders or damaged by wild animals.
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Frozen Shut Garage Door? Let Us Help You!

During the cold season, snowstorms are to be expected. You will want to make sure your garage stays warm and cozy even when it’s -30 ºC outside.

Your garage door is put to the test every winter day when the temperature plunges. Its metal components start to contract and its operating system becomes both a little slower and a little less efficient. This is why we suggest you follow our prevention tips to avoid problems like a frozen shut garage door. If your door freezes to the ground, don’t panic. There are many things we can do to unfreeze your door, and we’ve enumerated them all in this blog post for you. Check them out!
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