Don’t Forget to Close Your Garage Door!

Closing your garage door may seem obvious, but it is a small task that often gets forgotten. Sometimes extenuating circumstances cause us to rush into the house and forget about closing the garage door. You might say “No big deal, nothing to worry about”…but it is something to worry about!
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Should You Really Bother Repainting Your Garage Door or Not?

If your garage door works well, even if it happens to be a bit old, you might not think that it needs to have anything done to it. After all, if it isn’t broke, why fix it? Your door might be made from wood or metal, and though it works fine, it might look a little worse for wear. Therefore, you might be thinking about painting the door. Of course, you probably painted the door last year, too, and the looks just don’t seem to be holding up. Are you going to paint the garage door again, or is there another solution that could be better for you? It is time to consider a few things.
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5 Top Reasons for Upgrading an Old Electric Garage Door Opener

There is a worn out saying that manufacturers “don’t make em like they used to”. This implies that a lot of the devices and machines we use today are not as good as older models, but when speaking about garage door openers, it is entirely false.
If you have an older model, one dating before the early 1990s, now’s the time to commit to upgrading it. Why? We have 5 very sound reasons for making this choice, and they look at safety, innovation and reliability.
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5 Reasons to Update a Garage Door

 Old garage door

It is easy to get so used to the things we use every day of our lives, that we forget they might need upkeep or maintenance. Garage doors are a prime example of this, and even when they act a bit out of the ordinary (making noises or moving slower than normal), we might ignore it.

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Hidden Ways Your Garage Door Could Be Costing You More

At a glance, it’s easy to think that most garage doors are the same. Other than aesthetics and size, they really don’t differ all that much. As long as you’re comparing garage doors with the same R-value, they’ll perform the same when it comes to reducing energy consumption and preventing temperature loss, right? Actually, that’s not correct. There’s a lot more to it.

In order for garage doors to perform correctly, they need to be manufactured of top-performing materials, be constructed with thermal breaks, and more. If you’re comparing doors based solely on R-value, then you could end up with one that doesn’t really do what you need it to in terms of reducing your heating and cooling costs. So, what should you look for?
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Why Choose a Carriage House Door for Your Garage?

Carriage house door designs bring to mind a classic appearance of a more-stylish era.
These doors evoke a sense of nostalgia, and you certainly are not alone if you are attracted to the kind of country-style doors that were so popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Carriage house doors became popular again in the early 2000s. Companies that specialize in metal garage doors have embraced this trend. They have perfected the carriage house look without using wood, which requires more maintenance than metal.
Garaga, for example, has 7 different door models in the carriage house style. This means that customers do not just have to choose one “classic” design, but they have multiple options. Here are some pointers for choosing the best carriage-house-style door for your garage.
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Can You Install a Sectional Door on a Shed, Barn or Small Garage?

Small outbuildings can be charming and useful. If you are planning a shed, small garage or small barn, have you thought about the doors you intend to install? While a sectional door (one similar to a garage door) may not seem typical, it can be a fantastic choice.
Why? There are a few reasons. Let’s start to explore them by learning a bit more about small outbuildings.
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