Why Choose a Carriage House Door for Your Garage?

Carriage house door designs bring to mind a classic appearance of a more-stylish era.
These doors evoke a sense of nostalgia, and you certainly are not alone if you are attracted to the kind of country-style doors that were so popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Carriage house doors became popular again in the early 2000s. Companies that specialize in metal garage doors have embraced this trend. They have perfected the carriage house look without using wood, which requires more maintenance than metal.
Garaga, for example, has 7 different door models in the carriage house style. This means that customers do not just have to choose one “classic” design, but they have multiple options. Here are some pointers for choosing the best carriage-house-style door for your garage.


Is a carriage house door right for your home?

Homes with historic design elements might look great with carriage house garage doors. These homes need not be old, but they should have some classic or traditional features. For example, houses with “traditional” elements may have things like dormer windows, railings on their stairways, lattice windows and porches with roof overhangs.


Tell me about Garaga’s carriage house door options

GARAGA’s classic doors have the same vintage feel as the design elements mentioned above. Here are the details of the designs that they offer:

The EASTMAN door, models E-21, E-22, E-23 with decorative overlays
The Standard+ door, North Hatley model
The Standard+ door, Shaker XS model The Cambridge door, CS model

Choosing to add Windows

You can further customize your GARAGA carriage house door with various size Windows that could help tie your door’s design in with the other elements of your home.
Window options are very diverse. You could choose from clear glass, Thermacrystal, satin or textured glass. You can further customize the look with grids between the panes or plastic inserts.
Many choices of windows are readily available

The final step: authentic-looking decorative hardware

One of the most distinctive elements of classic swinging garage doors is their wrought iron handles and hinges. You can add these accents to your GARAGA carriage house door to give it an even-more-classic style.

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