Should you invest in a garage door with a pedestrian door?

Garage doors with a smaller section that can be opened separately, allowing you to enter the garage without opening the whole door, sure look interesting, but are they really worth it?

Clearly installing pedestrian doors on large commercial and industrial doors is worth it for the energy savings alone. After all, opening a small access door makes much more sense than opening a 16 x 16-foot door.

Pedestrian doors are also often installed on garages located in house basements, this is generally because there isn’t enough space to add on a normal access door.


  • As mentioned above, if your garage is located in the basement and there is no space to install a normal access door, pedestrian doors become a practical addition.
  • Often construction in built-up urban areas also lacks the space needed to install a side or front access door, here pedestrian doors are also practical.
  • If you do not have a normal access door, pedestrian doors can be useful, ensuring you can always access your garage even in power cuts.


  • Pedestrian doors are expensive. A safety system must be installed to avoid any major damage to the garage door, meaning that sometimes, adding a walk-though door is just as expensive as installing an entire garage door system (not including the walk-through door).
  • If you use an electric garage door opener, you need to ensure a device has been installed on the garage door system to prevent the opener from being activated while the pedestrian door is open.
  • You cannot install walk-through doors on every garage door, your garage door must be at least 8-foot-wide. What’s more, there are restrictions on the placement of the rectangles if you have a garage door with a rectangular embossed design.
  • Finally, although they may save energy on large commercial and industrial doors, they are actually less energy efficient when installed on standard garage doors. The more openings, the more places the air can enter and exit.

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