Let’s throw a party… in the garage!

If you have a party to organize for a special event like a birthday, an office get-together, a family reunion, a high school graduation… any event that has a bigger than normal gang is the perfect time to use your garage! Don’t try to squeeze all those people into your house when your garage is available. And in case of rain, when a patio party might be ruined, you are all happy and dry. With the space in your garage and some imagination, the sky is the limit.

The best case would be a two-car garage, where you have room to seat your guests without feeling crowded. But before you get this party started, here are some simple steps you can take to make sure it’s a great one.

A little cleaning and camouflaging

The first thing to do is move out the larger objects like the lawn tractor, bicycles and other big seasonal items. Place them in the back yard, under a tarp if need be.
Your floor and any walls you don’t cover up most likely need a good washing. A little dusting of all surfaces as well. Be sure you have adequate lighting and change any defective bulbs.
Now, conceal any large objects that can’t be moved. Use big plastic tablecloths in light colors, for example white. The garage won’t feel so small, especially if you use soft lighting for a more intimate setting. And a “white wall” might just come in handy to present photos or videos using a projector and laptop.

Tables, chairs, and decorations

Rent or borrow plastic tables from family, friends, or neighbors. Also see with the same group if they have folding chairs. As a last resort, ask guests to bring their own chair.
Think about the decorations inside as well as outside the garage. If the forecast looks good, use outdoor decorations like oil lamps or Tiki torches. Balloons and streamers may be appropriate as well. Also, strings of white Christmas lights give any décor a warm and festive look. If insects might be a problem, get some bug repellant or even think of adding a screen curtain. You don’t need lots of coolers if you already have a fridge in your garage – just move out your things to have space for food and drinks. Last of all, don’t forget a sound system to play background music.
Remember to use all the space you have, including the driveway in front of the garage.

Food and drink

The menu should be based on the type of party you are planning. You can limit yourself to simple finger food, like chips and dip. For big groups, you could make it potluck, with everyone bringing a dish. As for drinks, depending on how many you’ll be serving, keep is simple with just a few choices of wine, beer, soft drinks, and water (of course). If your budget is small, BYOB for alcoholic beverages is an option.

A last thought….

It is probably a good idea to let your neighbors know that you may be making a little noise… Often, the sign of a good party is when it gets a little loud.

Need a new garage door?

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We can also prepare a customized quotation and email it to you. If need be, we will happily visit you at home to explain the full range of garage doors available on the market. We will then advise you on the best choice for your circumstances. If you need ideas and inspiration for a new garage door, use our design center, or look through our image gallery.