Looking for a safe place for your kids to play? Look no further than the garage!

It might sound crazy; after all you don’t really put “garage” and “safe place for kids” in the same sentence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
By using your common sense and clearing any dangerous materials out of your children’s reach, you can easily transform your garage into safe place for them to play. Ensuring they can still run around and burn off that energy when it’s cold and wet out!


Use your head to guide you…

  1. Keep any dangerous materials out of children’s reach

Think about using cabinets for storage rather than shelves so they can’t easily reach things down. Even better, keep dangerous and toxic materials in locked cabinets to ensure they won’t be tempted to see what’s inside.

  1. Keep tools unplugged and out of reach

Again, think of the common saying, “out of sight, out of mind”. Chances are, if your children can’t see your tools, they won’t be interested in them. So, make sure you store them out of reach and ALWAYS unplug them. Similarly, ensure you wrap cords around the units so that children cannot pull them down.

  1. Don’t leave cars open

If you leave a car in the garage, ensure it’s locked. Children are naturally curious and you don’t want them to end up trapping their fingers in the door… or worse!

  1. Make sure your children cannot climb on anything

If you keep stepladders in the garage, store them horizontally and attached to the wall so children cannot climb on them, keep all ropes or anything else they could climb on out of reach. Also, make sure you teach them not to climb on the reinforcement struts on your garage door (if you have them).

  1. Teach them that garage doors are not toys

We’re sure you’ve already taught you children not to play with the garage door opener, to stand near the door when it’s moving, or to touch the wall control panel… But, giving them a refresher course can’t hurt!

  1. Don’t leave them completely unattended

Again, this is common sense, you wouldn’t leave them playing in the garage if you couldn’t see them at all. Make sure the garage is always within your line of sight so you can act should you need to.

Finally, if you’re not sure your garage door is safe and operating properly get it checked!

Contact us at (603) 833-7135 and schedule a tune-up service. We will check everything and ensure it’s safe enough!
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