Can You Install a Sectional Door on a Shed, Barn or Small Garage?

Small outbuildings can be charming and useful. If you are planning a shed, small garage or small barn, have you thought about the doors you intend to install? While a sectional door (one similar to a garage door) may not seem typical, it can be a fantastic choice.
Why? There are a few reasons. Let’s start to explore them by learning a bit more about small outbuildings.
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How to avoid bad garage door businesses

When choosing a garage door service provider, you should be aware of the tricks used by incompetent amateur companies to get your business. These companies will rely on unskilled or inexperienced technicians who will leave you disappointed.

Perhaps you have already had a bad experience with a garage door company, and this has made you distrustful of the whole industry.

Here are some tips that can help you recognize low quality companies, and spot the tricks that many use to gain your trust. If you can pick out these “bad apples,” then you will be able to find a trustworthy, professional company that will meet or exceed your expectations.
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Garage door openers: The basics

In 2017, it’s rare to come across a garage owner who doesn’t use an electric garage door opener. I mean, come on, they make our lives so much easier! We don’t even have to get out in the rain/snow to open the garage door… They’re a great invention.
Now, while they are very durable, you may have to change parts or replace your garage door opener at some point. So, here’s a useful article to help you find your feet when speaking with a garage door specialist.
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What kind of flooring can I use in my garage?

Garage floors take a beating and tend to show signs of wear and tear quickly, so what you want to look for is something durable and easy to clean. Of course, your personal style tastes and budget will also play a role in your decision-making process.
Regardless of the type of floor you go for, you first need to properly prepare the concrete floor, for example, if there are any cracks, you’ll need to fill them in.
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Looking for a safe place for your kids to play? Look no further than the garage!

It might sound crazy; after all you don’t really put “garage” and “safe place for kids” in the same sentence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
By using your common sense and clearing any dangerous materials out of your children’s reach, you can easily transform your garage into safe place for them to play. Ensuring they can still run around and burn off that energy when it’s cold and wet out!
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Glass garage doors – the ultimate in versatility

If you are like most people today, you would love to spend more time outdoors at your home and less inside. This means that you want to get creative with your doors in order to make them more than just an entry and exit point. You want to create an area that extends the amount of time you spend outside, and make it inviting on those nice summer evenings and throughout the year.
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Reinforcement struts 101: What are they for?

If you have a double garage door, you’ve no doubt noticed that there is a U-shaped steel bar attached to the inside of your door. If you’ve noticed it, and you’ve been wondering what purpose it serves, you’ve come to the right place.
This U-shaped bar is in fact known as reinforcement struts and they are generally 2.25 inches wide (57 mm) and are either screwed in using hinges or held in place with steel clips.
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Let’s throw a party… in the garage!

If you have a party to organize for a special event like a birthday, an office get-together, a family reunion, a high school graduation… any event that has a bigger than normal gang is the perfect time to use your garage! Don’t try to squeeze all those people into your house when your garage is available. And in case of rain, when a patio party might be ruined, you are all happy and dry. With the space in your garage and some imagination, the sky is the limit.
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