Garage door opener problems? Here are our solutions

Here at Elite Door of New England, we know how useful your garage can be. You can use it to store all of your recreational items like bikes, canoes and kayaks. You can stow boxes full of Christmas and Halloween decorations until you need them. It’s also a place to safely park your car and for some, to set up your workshop. For all these reasons, your garage should be well protected. If it isn’t, these items could be stolen by intruders or damaged by wild animals.
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Frozen Shut Garage Door? Let Us Help You!

During the cold season, snowstorms are to be expected. You will want to make sure your garage stays warm and cozy even when it’s -30 ºC outside.

Your garage door is put to the test every winter day when the temperature plunges. Its metal components start to contract and its operating system becomes both a little slower and a little less efficient. This is why we suggest you follow our prevention tips to avoid problems like a frozen shut garage door. If your door freezes to the ground, don’t panic. There are many things we can do to unfreeze your door, and we’ve enumerated them all in this blog post for you. Check them out!
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Ice Rink Made with Old Garage Door? Yes, It’s Possible!

It’s time to update your garage door! First, you must think of a model that will fit your taste, a color that you’ll love and the right installers for a professional installation. Then, you must get rid of your garage door. Forgot this step, didn’t you? Don’t worry, most of us do as well. Getting rid of your garage door can be a little more complicated than you may think. In some situations, you will have to pay to get rid of it. Frustrating right? You can avoid these costs by using your imagination and think of a do-it-yourself type of project. A Quebec man thought of a clever, genius way to get rid of his garage door panels and surprised all of us.
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Man Cave Garages that will knock the socks out of you!

Want your own space? A place where you could take off your shoes and put your feet up while enjoying a nice cold beer? Of course you do! Make your garage useful and turn it into a place you’ll want to go in, not a place to store your boxes. More precisely, turn it into a man cave garage!

There are so many possibilities when it comes to man caves. That’s why we looked and found man cave garages that could fit any man’s hobby and taste. Sure, some of these are very luxurious, and… well, fantasy to some of us, but with these ideas, you can use your imagination and creativity to build and create your own man cave garage. Just the way you like it.
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Transforming Your Old Garage Into a Beautiful Playroom

Converting a garage into a playroom? It’s been done before! And that by one of Garaga’s employees. Isabelle has a two year old son and another kid on the way. Her and her husband have a backyard with a few trees, but whenever their son played sports such as soccer or baseball, he would always lose his ball or would be refrained from playing because of the snow or cold temperatures during winter. They wanted to create a space where their son could play inside, all year round, and most importantly, without damaging anything in the house.

Here are a few questions we asked Isabelle to find out a little more about her transformation process in hopes that it can inspire you to do the same!

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Garage Door: How to Pick the Best One

There are so many products on the market today, even when it comes to garage doors, you can get overwhelmed with the various options. We are here to guide you through your purchase. Here at Elite Door of New England, we strongly recommend GARAGA garage doors, not only for their great reputation, but also because of their durability and reliability. To show you that our products are of quality and your best choice, we provided you with a few points to look for when purchasing a new door.
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Fun and Efficient Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas to clean up your Garage

It’s time to declutter your garage, and live without the worry of always tripping on your kids toys. Many of us forget the overhead space above our vehicles in our garages. This space can be a valuable asset to you when you have to clean your home and get rid of boxes. You have multiple choices to choose from when it comes to adding an overhead garage storage system of your own and lots to take into consideration. You need to pick a system that will answer your specific needs and will be the most practical for your family.
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Organizing Your Garage for Fun and Usefulness

Most people have a love/hate relationship with their garage. They love the idea of having the space, but they hate feeling like it will never get organized. All too often, a garage becomes a catch all for everything that doesn’t have a place. Things end up in boxes. Corners get filled with bikes, sports equipment, and plenty of junk. When it becomes a big mess, then you feel like you are lost in a jungle of things.
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