Repair or replace? What should I do with my garage door?

If your garage door is giving you grief, it’s entirely natural to be concerned. After all, it’s the largest moving component of your home, and a defective garage door could be a safety issue for all the family.

But we’ve got some good news; a problematic garage door isn’t always irreparable, in fact, in most cases a garage door professional can easily resolve your problem.
Actually, no matter how old your garage door is, regular maintenance, such as properly lubricating all moving parts at least twice per year, can keep your garage door running smoothly for decades!
However, there are a few instances where you will need to replace your garage door, for example:

Rusty parts

Rusty parts are a common occurrence in garages that have to deal with harsh climates, especially when they are non-insulated, not heated and don’t have heavy-duty hardware. It’s nature, humidity will cause rust, and if you’ve got very rusted components, you’ll need to replace your door.

Damaged door sections

If one or more of your garage door sections has been badly damaged or dented in some way, you may need to replace your garage door. This depends on the extent of the damage, but said damage can worsen over time and cause the garage door to deteriorate and rust quicker.

To sell your home

It’s real estate 101: A good-looking, new, insulated garage door that fits in with your home’s architectural style will do wonders. Imagine you’re house hunting and you visit two houses in a day, one with an old, worn-out, dented garage door, or one with a beautiful new garage door… Which house are you more likely to choose?

But don’t worry, if the above doesn’t describe your situation, you’ll likely be able to have the door repaired!

If the garage door is making a loud, brief noise…

This is a common problem when the heavy-duty steel tracks on the side of the door, whether commercial grade or normal, have become damaged or twisted. You’ll need to contact a garage door technician and have the tracks replaced.

If the garage door won’t close…

If your electric garage door opener will only close the door a couple of inches before the door opens itself again, it’s probably due to the photo eye units on the safety reversing system being misaligned. If that’s the case, you can resolve it yourself by realigning the units. However, if the wire connecting the two units has been severed, you will need to call a garage door professional and have it repaired.

If your door isn’t opening as quickly as it used to…

You most likely have a problem with the spring system, it will have either lost tension or broken, making the door opener work harder. You can check if this is the case yourself by pulling on the emergency release cord and then trying to open the door manually (if it feels heavy, then a spring is broken). You’ll need to call a garage door technician to rectify the situation.

If the door is jerky or vibrating a lot when opening…

It sounds like one of the lifting cables is broken or damaged. Look at the tracks on either side of the door to check the state of the cables, if this isn’t the issue, it’s likely a problem with one of the rollers and you’ll need to hire a professional to rectify it.


Your garage door is the largest moving component of your home and trying to repair it yourself could put your life at risk. Whatever the issue, contact a professional and have them carry out the work. If you’re still unsure how to proceed, we can provide essential advice, contact us now at (603) 833-7135 or request a customized quotation online. We’ll even come out to your home to discuss your needs in person if you prefer.
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