Tips to Turn Your Garage into the Perfect Party Space

Have you always wanted an area in your home where you could entertain? Whether you wanted to have the guys over to watch the big game and have a few beers, or you desire a place to hold your weekly poker game, it can be tough to find room. The answer is simple, though – use your garage.


Why the Garage?

Why turn to the garage? Actually, it can be difficult to find unclaimed space within your home. Most rooms have a dedicated purpose and use. That can mean holding your poker game or having the guys over to watch sports might be impossible. In many homes, even the basement is not available – it’s probably been turned into your game room by this point.
Take a cue from some of the more popular TV shows you’ve seen where characters ultimately end up out in the garage cheering for their team. It’s actually an ideal space. It is out of the way, and using it means that you will not be disturbing anyone else in the family. It’s also not claimed by anything but your car and some yard equipment.

Getting Your Space Prepared

Before you can start using your garage as a gathering place, you’ll need to do some preliminary work. The first thing is to back the car out and make space. Next, you need to start decluttering. Most of your items can be relocated into the attic, a corner of the basement, or your storage shed. Anything that you don’t need can be donated to a charity, or sold in a yard sale if you like. Once you’ve gotten the space cleared out, give it a thorough once over to clean it up.
Now, you’ll just need a few furnishings. For game night, drag out an old sofa, and a TV to mount on a wall or stand on a table. For poker night, you’ll just need your card table and some chairs. Just having a get-together? Toss out some patio chairs and lamps. Don’t forget a table to hold your food and cold beer, though! If you need some tunes, invest in a portable Bluetooth speaker and connect it to your smartphone.

Open That Door

During the fall and winter, chances are good that you’ll want to keep your garage door closed. That keeps the warmth in, and also helps to reduce the noise you create. However, during the spring and summer, you’ll likely want to open up the door. That lets air in, but it can also let out sound, so think about giving your neighbors a heads up (or invite them over!).
Of course, opening and closing your garage door will require that it’s in good shape. If it’s been a while, having a tune-up can ensure safe, quiet operation. If you need repairs, or have decided that the entire door needs to be replaced, you can contact us. Never try to repair your garage door on your own. We can offer a free quote, or you can visit our showroom in person. Make sure you use our online design center, or visit our image gallery to see what we can offer.