June 19, 2020

5 steps to create your She Shed—A Garden sanctuary you can call your own?

When the guys come over on a weekend to watch sports, talk about cars, drink beer, or play pool, they head down to the "man cave."

Typically located in the basement or attic of a house, a man cave lets him do all the things he wants to do in a space that’s all his own.

But, just like a man cave, women are finding that they too want spaces of their own, outside the house—a she shed. This trend has taken off quickly, leading many women to head out into their backyards to forge their own quiet place.

She shed

A separate room for hobbies that your spouse is less than interested in can be a great place to find time for yourself.

You can make it entirely your own without the limitations of a shared space.

You probably already have the perfect place for it, too.

Just think what you could do if you renovated that dusty old shed or abandoned garage behind the house.

Hours could be spent catching up on the pile of books you’ve been neglecting, finishing the little painting project you started but forgot, or sharing a glass of pinot grigio with a friend.

Even if you don’t already have a shed or garage in the backyard, don’t worry! There are plenty of kits you can buy to build the perfect she shed.

However you go about building your own she shed, remember to have fun while doing it.

Making it all your own is half the fun of the project. You can even get the whole family involved with building something just for you! Keep reading for some fun ideas and suggestions.

WARNING: Always check with your local government’s building regulations before erecting a structure in your backyard.

If you have it, clean it!

First things first, if you have a pre‑existing structure, you will need to clean it out. Sheds and garages are usually used for storing boxes of old clothes, holiday decorations, and family memorabilia.

You will want to take an inventory of everything in the shed then move it out to a different storage location. This is also a great opportunity to sort through some of the clutter.

What’s your current situation?

  • You have attic space or an attached garage as well as a shed. You might be able to rearrange things in the attic or garage to make space for your belongings in the shed!
  • Your shed is your only storage. You may be able to find extra space in your spare bedroom closets or under beds. We usually have small places we don’t think to maximize.

Once you know what you’re getting into, you will then want to consider the following things:

  • What MUST stay
  • What can be donated
  • What can be sold in a yard sale

Time to plan out your idea!

Before you jump right into construction, it’s best to draw up a plan first.

Otherwise you’ll be halfway through building and realize the sofa you want to add is just too big.

Let your imagination run free. Think of all the things you love doing and what the space will need to make it reality.

Don’t be afraid to go too big. Even if you shoot for the stars, a family member or friend is sure to remind you that you have to eventually pay for whatever you build.

As soon as you have an idea for your she shed, it’s time to plan a budget.

Draw up what you have in mind and list out your expected costs. Look up the price for any decorations you want to include and be honest about it.

You do not want to be overly strict with your budget. Give yourself room for any unplanned problems or additions you run into. Ten percent of the total budget should do it.

Also, to stay on track, it’s important to set an end‑date for your project and keep it posted somewhere you can see it. That way you’re constantly reminded to keep working.

1. Get the measurements of your building:

  1. Find the dimensions of your she shed. This means measuring the floor to ceiling height and wall to wall widths of the room.
  2. Take account of any possible obstacles to construction. Check for support beams, gas lines, or electrical wiring that may need to be worked around.
  3. Will you need to modify the original structure to add running water or air conditioning?

2. Inspect the fine details of your shed or garage:

  1. What is the foundation built of, and is it acceptable enough for your needs?
  2. Will you need to add heating or cooling; insulation?
  3. Is the roof high enough quality for your comfort?

Now, with a clear plan and a more precise budget, you are ready to begin.

Your own private sanctuary

No matter what you plan to use your she shed for, it should reflect your personality and interests. Here are a few ideas to go off:

Inside a she shed

1. Think of a particular period or style for your design

Having a style will help you pick out decorations.

Are you more of a cozy office type, or do you prefer a bohemian artist’s retreat? Perhaps you envision a lovely bungalow tucked away in the garden. You can use your house as inspiration or make something entirely new!

2. Pick some colors and make it sunny

Remember, this is no man cave, nor do you want to be reminded that your she shed was once, in fact, a real shed. Pick bright colors to liven up the space.

Adding a bay window can fill your sanctuary with fresh air and light. Clean whites and pastels will give the space a wide, open feel. An accent wall can also spruce up your design and add even more color.

3. Chic style doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg

Why buy new furniture if you already have some that you’re not using inside the house?

Consignment stores, markets, and antique shops can be great places to find inexpensive second‑hand furniture.

Get creative with it! Don’t be afraid to repurpose an old piece of junk into something new.

Inside a she shed

4. It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts

Some outdoor deck chairs and a small coffee table would make a lovely sitting area.

Consider adding a small garden or arboretum to the outside of your shed.

This can even be an ongoing project to keep you busy throughout the year.

Inside a she shed

5. The idea is bliss!

It’s your space, so make it all about you. If you’re a beach bum, lay out some seashells and lanterns. Maybe you’re more of a writer. A few bookshelves can make your she shed into a private library.

Would a daybed fit?
Perhaps a chaise lounge?
Make it as comfortable as possible!

Inside a she shed

Search the internet for ideas

Pinterest is chalked full of amazing ideas to go off. From color schemes to decorations, Pinterest can help you take your idea from good to great. HOUZZ is another great place to find ideas.

Maybe even add a glass garage door

Whether you’re working with a small shed or a full garage, a glass garage door can easily be added to bring in sunshine and warmth.

At Elite Door of New England, you can buy an all‑glass garage door, or “panoramic door”, that can easily make your she shed a sunny spot in the yard with delightful breezes when you open it up.

She shed with an all-glass garage door

Garaga’s California door is made of premium glass in several options. You can get a standard clear glass, a Satin Grey or Black, and a tinted Bronze or Blue for added privacy.

If size is a worry, don’t sweat it. At only 4 x 6.5ft, Garaga’s smallest option is sure to fit any shed.

Perhaps a classic overhead garage door would be more suited to your style?

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 603-833-7135 if you’re in the Center Barnstead region. We can walk you through the process of adding a garage door to your home retreat.

We’ll ask about sizing and give you several options to get you started. We’ll even get you set up with an electric door option if you have the room for it.

We can quote you a price via our email or meet you at our showroom. Even if you want to replace a garage door on your shed, you can make use of our design centre to find your perfect design. You can also check out our image gallery to get you started with some ideas.

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